Thursday, 27 November 2014

Chocolate, Do You Have A Secret Stash Too?

The habits of many...

Goodness, a mere hours after writing my blog piece about the gathering of women, there I was a part of one. This whole week our community ( well not everyone, as it is voluntary ) is busy making Christmas wreaths and decorations to sell on Saturday. It is a lot of work and I popped in for a few hours yesterday to see if I could help.

Where did I end up helping? In the back room with two other ladies and it took maybe 10 minutes before the subject of weight entered into our conversation. Granted, I was the culprit because I refused a biscuit.

It doesn't take us women long to scuttle along and cover the various thought avenues. Jumping from one subject to another is a piece of cake for us. Connecting the dots is like slipping into an old pair of comfortable slippers. Could it be due to our impressive skill of multi - tasking? I think so.

Anyway, back to the chocolate. It turns out that the love of it doesn't help with having it around. Loving chocolate equates to a case of

Once you see it, it might as well have not been there in the first place.
and often there is not much difference between us and a hoover to be honest!

You cannot say that we women aren't clever. Who is it that hides the chocolate as soon as we buy it? Oh yes, there's a conundrum. Now and again we even manage to hide it so well that we forget it's there. Who hasn't stumbled across an old slab of chocolate gathering dust somewhere?

Growing up, I vividly remember that on the occasions where my mum was out for the evening
( or even if she fell asleep in front of the TV ), a hunt for treats went on in our kitchen. Often it was successful but took a lot of determination. Crawling almost into the kitchen cabinet where the pots resided. Usually the big one in the back held the treats...

One of the ladies yesterday told us that she puts the chocolate on top of a cupboard so that it takes energy and determination to get each yummy piece. Oh, we all have our strategies it seems, what is yours?


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Can You Remember How Many Diets You Have Tried In You Life?

Have any of them helped?

In a way, the phrase Weight-loss Diet should really be named an oxymoron. Who ever looses weight with one? We should be a world wide nation of slender peeps. If not, why do we still fall for the next best one?

Someone said the other day that the minute you have a gathering of more than one woman, the subject of diets and loosing weight comes up.

That does reminds me of Shakespeare & Macbeth:

When shall we three meet again: In thunder, lightning or in rain?
and how we could adapt it to :
When shall we three meet again In thinness, thickness or in vain?

Off the top of my head, here are some diets I've either tried or heard about:

  • The cabbage soup diet. An exhaust-ing week of only cabbage!
  • The Banting diet. The new kid on the kitchen block. Let me know whether you can do that for ever...Surely walking passed a bakery and getting a whiff of freshly baked bread will make you weak in your knees?
  • Weight Watchers. Tried, lost & gained.
  • The alternative day diet: A few locals swear by it. You can eat everything you like on only alternate days. Otherwise nothing.
  • The Blood Type diet: Goodness, they allow one so little food on it ( albeit your blood group's favourite ) that anyone would have lost weight.
  • The Detox diet.
  • The Low Calorie diet. That should knock all the others out of the race.
  • The Atkins diet. The forefather of the Banting perhaps?
  • The Raw Food diet.
  • The Zone diet.

My list has only scratched the surface and it'll be nice to hear your about your diets.