Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nature Rears Her Not So Nice Side.

Floods in Burg again.

After the stint of fabulous weather we have had, one tends to forget that a spate of bad weather could be around the corner. With this modern technology we are usually a step ahead. Yes, the dreaded sms arrived from the insurance company.

Rain and heavy loads of it predicted. Well, somehow they needn't have bothered as we saw the sheets of rain belt down almost non stop. Followed by a thunderstorm of note that seemed to hover right on top of us and had me running to unplug the television and computer. Gosh, Bob and I were lying in bed counting the seconds between lightning and one does in bed!

Our trusty roof has a slight bit missing and that small gap gives us a rendering of water inside our home. Oh yes, our chimney has a leak. But, Bob has temporarily sorted it out with spit and polish or rather glue, slate and a prayer.

As our area has had more rainfall than usual ( or ever ), the ground is still saturated with water and only a few inches might have dried out with the week of sunshine. But for some areas the floods are here again.

Burg or rather one part of it at the bottom of the hill is flooded again. And not in small measures either. I tend to think that they have built a row of holiday houses ( at the lake's edge ) on a flood plane. Since we have been here, this stretch of land has been flooded a few times.

Driving passed the Badesee Burg ( Lake ), which sadly has morphed in size. Just awful.
You can see the holiday houses surrounded by water.
The tennis court and parking lot.
How terrible for the local farmers. A whole crop wasted. With global warming starting to take effect, the future is glaringly obvious. Nature's bounty might not be so prolific.
Bob asked me to take a photo of this stream. Gosh, I didn't realize there was one before. You could never see it because it was so low. Look now and it is a torrent.
I do hope that those that are flooded will be sorted out soon and not loose too much...


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Women Get Better With Age...

If Hollywood dictates the absurd, then I am afraid, Hollywood needs the boot.

Writing this, I am wondering if I too am guilty of only favouring movies that depict the young spring chickens ( or the half mature chickens carved into a youthful look ). This morning I saw a photo of the " new " Renee Zellweger and at first I thought, gosh no, that's not her!

What on earth made this actress, who by the way has a legion of fans from her Bridget Jones Diaries, change her look so drastically. Wasn't her not so perfect look stunning in itself?

It seems to me that living and working in Hollywood might be a tough job for any self confidence. Being perceived as over the hill at 40, is clearly a sign to " get out of Dodge "...Ironically, most young girls dream of making a career in Hollywood, but at what costs?

We women get better with age:

  • We have lived at least a decade or more after finishing school and thus have an interesting repertoire of conversation, ideas and funny happenings.
  • Those lines around our eyes and mouth should tell you in no uncertain terms, that we have humour. We laugh. We enjoy life.
  • We are ( hopefully ) past that silly stage of keeping up appearances for others and are happy with our lot.
  • Those extra curves that we acquired show that we eat out at restaurants without that annoying sentence:
    " Oh, I'll have the salad, but without dressing! "
    Really why bother going out to dinner in the first place, if all you do is change the menu and frankly, those women must be the most detested customer for any chef...
  • Those of us who wouldn't dream of having a scalpel near us, are as we are. We don't scare people with an unmovable mask. Some of those spritzed celebrities are rather frightening because their face is void of emotions. You don't know if they are happy or sad or cross or dangerous...
  • We women over 40 are full of character and can hold a conversation, argument or household.

Obviously there are big lobby groups at play when it comes to Hollywood. Hollywood movies are the vehicle for advertisers. All those potions we put on our skin make someone a lot of dosh. Enough dosh to keep up the perception that love, life and money only happens if you look young, are thin and have no wrinkles.

Maybe it is time for us to demand movies where real women have the luck of finding romance. Let's face it, didn't you also love:

To a certain degree, we all try to stay youthful. Maybe we dress fashionably ( but hopefully we don't come across as mutton dressed as lamb ) but with elan, we exercise to keep fit and eat mostly healthy to ensure a long life. But plastic surgery is not what we do.

" Three cheers to us real women!!! "