Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Birds, Vineyards & Kellerstoeckels.

With such great sunshine I can't help it but to take more photos.

Don't be afraid, this isn't the intro to Hitchcock's The Birds but a picture of the bird-lounge at Eisenberg central. A well deserved rest before the trip, I expect...
These two chose the telephone line...and I am fairly certain that one said to the other:
" Stop chirping me already. I don't want to speak or look at you. "

Practicing landing and take off is part of the big trip South!
I have to say, that this image has many interpretations to it. But truthfully, I just liked nature's frame leading up to this shot. That it frames Eisenberg's church again, is one of those things...

Nature does provide the perfect photo material. Even though the corn looks rather dried out, the majestic oak tree and its green foliage, provides shade for the hunter's lookout.
An oasis of tranquility amid the vineyards of Eisenberg. This little place in paradise is available to hire. Hofzimmer...take a look and book your time out!


Monday, 20 October 2014

A Cultural Visit To A Burg In Burgenland Is A Must.

If not from the past, then from where....?

It really is a treat to be able to wander around the rooms and halls of a castle or Burg ( fortress ). We are so intent on getting more modern and more technological that we forget the treasures and dare I say inventiveness of the past. Burg Güssing has almost a millennium on its clock and that alone should make us go to see it...and not just the tourists, locals too!

One of many dining rooms. Isn't it magnificent? Building such intricate wall & ceiling structures back in a time where everything was carted by horses or people. Of course it has been renovated, but the underlying shape has endured. Genius. The table seats 17 and one can see the positions that various heads of the family have sat at over the last 800 odd years.
The walls in this room are covered with paintings of the various Heads of The Family ( not sure if it was a Lord, Count, Prince or Duke ). Amazingly to me, they all favoured each other through the various centuries. The earliest there was form the 11th century.
Just look at those wonderful ceilings. How clever to have done those in a time where there were no cranes, trains, tractors....!
Bob spotted this: a chronicle of events in 1289. Oh yes, they had Weinlese / Grape harvest. Wine was in our area almost a Millennium ago. How amazing is that!
The ladies must have taken their afternoon tea there. Oh if only these walls could tell a story...
A typical bed chamber...trust Bob to add spice to it:
" I couldn't sleep with pictures of my parents, in-laws and grandparents looking down on the bed! "

This huge window ( it couldn't have been a door, as there is a vertical drop of many many meters ) is fabulous. A picture frame in itself.
Life in this kitchen can only have been hard. No running water, no electricity and long ways to carry the food. But manage they must have and more than likely thought that their kitchen was tres modern compared to a century further back. Yes, it is all in the perspective!
Some of the original untouched outer walls.
It shouldn't only be the schools who take kids to visit these treasures of history. Everyone should go at least once a year to view one of the many castles and Fortresses around here. Children will be enriched by realizing that there was a life before the Smartphone and Computer.


Here are the opening times for Burg Güssing