Friday, 3 July 2015

Wheat & Wildflowers In Our Burgenland.

An early morning walk among the wheat fields in Eisenberg.

The sun hadn't quite woken up yet, but regardless, these purple beauties looked fetching nonetheless.
However one looks at them, the purple wildflowers are awesome. Even with a brown stalk behind them.
A dreamy affair. Looking at this gentle and soothing combination, will make you believe in dreaming again.
Yes, more of the same yet different. These purple flowers are mostly along the edge of various fields. Perhaps the farmers planted them for a reason or they regrouped themselves perfectly for the odd passer by...
Behind the curtain. Peek-a-boo where are you?
Last but not least, my favourite photo. Dreamy and reflective at the same time.


Thursday, 2 July 2015

School Is Almost Out, And Glorious Summer Weather Has Arrived With Aplomb.

The special summer feeling is in the air.

The last week of school has seen many classes going to the local swimming bath and a few kids have come away with a souvenir to show for this summery excursion. Alas, sunburns abound. But going swimming kind of epitomizes an approaching Summer holiday.

Two months of sleeping in, eating Magnums and hanging out with friends...let's not be too envious - we did it too, all those years ago!

The glorious sunshine has kissed lawns, flowers and fruits as the whole area has come alive. Bob has to even do an extra stint of hauling out the lawnmower because the grass has grown in double time. Is there anything nicer than the wafting aromas of freshly cut grass? Too divine.

The local birds ( domestic vacationers ) are enjoying themselves to no end. Even before the crack of dawn, they can be heard conversing in that lovely sing song language. A soothing symphony to wake up to. We have a lot of blackbirds and they sing the nicest and are rather the cheekiest too. Do you know, one or two of them even hop along and eat our Tigger's cat food from her bowl. And she kindly lets them do it!

Along the side of our front door, we've planted a purple & green welcoming sight. The little lavender bushes of two years ago have morphed into a huge hangout for bees. Happy buzzing sounds can be heard all day long. A hydrangea, a gift from my Aunt, has made itself comfortable next to the lavender and is protected on by another neighbour, the lemon mint bush. As I said, a happy welcoming sight.

Seeing them bloom and blossom, brings home the certainty that Summer is here...

Some of the lemon mint stalks simply burst with health and lemony bursts.
Our Hydrangea, with its beautiful mauve colouring, cheers me up each time I see it.
A few more days of summer sunshine and all the lavender will be waving its purple stalks.
Simply stunning.